User experience and Usability testing

Testing a smartphone device or an App requires more than just validating its functionality. User experience plays an important role on making a smartphone or App launch successful.


But how can user experience be evaluated and tested to fit the OEM, App developer or the operator’s launch and testing life cycle?  There are two main components in providing good user experience in a mobile device or a mobile App: optimized power consumption and good usability. To test a mobile device’s performance when it comes to usability, Intuigence has developed a repeatable and cost effective engineering approach  that objectively measures usability across five important dimensions: Efficiency, Accessibility, Visibility, Feedback and Responsiveness.

For a typical smartphone device, over 500 test cases are designed and executed and the results will be analyzed and post processed to provide an accurate reading of each device or application’s usability performance. For a mobile App, usability test cases are very context sensitive and depend on what the App does, who its users are and its usage graph.